Metropolis pop.37,073

The city of Silverymoon is a beautiful place of ancient trees and soaring towers, with curving lines in its stonework and garden plantings adorning every nook and balcony. Aerial steeds carry riders on high, magic and learning is revered, music and laughter is heard often in the streets, and the city contains fascinating shops brim-full of books, maps, minor magic items and beautiful things.

Even more so than Waterdeep, Silverymoon is built on the cooperation between the races. Humans, elves, and dwarves all maintain dwellings in the same areas of the city instead of dividing into separate wards. A human home might be built around the base of a tree, while an elf using the tree above as a walkway to their central home tree, while a dwarf lives in a cavern beneath the surface.

Silverymoon is considered the foremost center of learning and culture in the north. Its noted for its musicians, cobblers, sculptors and stonemasons — as well as its mages, who are gathered here in greater number than any other city in sword coast lands except waterdeep. Their might alone keeps the Arcane Order of Luskan and other evils of the North at bay — were these mages to vanish tomorrow the entire north might well be swept away in blood and ruin.



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